Locations Which Gives You Highest Returns in Dubai 2019

Locations Which Gives You Highest Returns in Dubai 2019

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UAE real estate continues to provide some of the highest returns in the world

The latest studies confirmed Dubai’s status as the best in the world for real estate investments. The rental income in Dubai more than doubled when compared to other major cities of the world, such as London, Paris and New York, according to industry analysts.

The demand for properties in Dubai is expected to grow further continuous support through the attractive average rental income of 6 to 7 percent recorded during the last 12 months. This is fairly a very attractive income compared to other major capitals, such as London, Paris, New York or Hong Kong. Where average rental yields range between 2 and 3 percent. rental yields will continue to see an increasing trend mainly due to Emirate’s growing domestic population. The migration of outsiders that are renting Dubai apartments and villas in the long term is growing day by day. This can be one of the clear answers to why to invest in Dubai.

Arjan topped Average Rental Yields of Dubai Properties list with 12.4% gross returns. While investor’s favorite International City improved to 10.1% from an already high 9.2% due to healthy demand from those migrating from other emirates.

Investors are evaluating their odds against other investment destinations. Due to the UAE government’s value-added regulations including the 10-year visa and free of cost trade license renewals in some emirates.

Since the first project of the Group, Vincitore has always provided assured rental benefits to our valuable clients. Even now in the latest project i.e. Benessere, we are offering 8% guaranteed net rental returns to our clients.

Hence we, at Vincitore Group, are inviting all investors from across the world to make the best of this opportunity and invest in our royal and luxurious Real Estate Projects at Arjan.

source: property finder